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Private Client

Wills and Estate Planning


We can help you to plan ahead for a time when you are no longer here to ensure that your family are looked after and your wishes are followed.


Whether you have a simple will in mind or you have a family situation which requires a more complex will we can offer practical advice in a friendly environment. Our aim is to make the process of making a will and sorting out your affairs as straightforward as possible.

We can advise you about estate planning and look into ways of protecting your home and assets for future generations.


Tax Advice


Inheritance Tax


As house prices rise more and more people are worried about whether their heirs will have to pay inheritance tax on their death. We can give you specialist advice so you know how inheritance tax will affect you and your estate.

Private Client

Capital Gains Tax


For many clients Capital Gains Tax (CGT) may be an issue when they come to sell or gift a property.

We can advise you on the available reliefs and if advice is sought in advance we can advise you of the most effective way to mitigate the CGT bill.


Probate and Administration of Estates


When a person dies his/her estate will need to be administered (in other words their affairs will need to be sorted out). The person who has died may have chosen who he/she would like to take on this role by appointing an “executor” in their will. Probate is the process of obtaining a formal document from the High Court to confirm the Executor’s appointment. The document is known as the ‘grant of probate’.


Where there is no valid will, then an ‘administrator’ is appointed by the Court, to carry out the same role.


We can assist executors by handling all aspects of the administration including identifying all the assets, obtaining probate, paying inheritance tax (if any), paying off debts and expenses, sorting out final income tax returns and distributing the estate to the beneficiaries.


We also offer support to executors who are undertaking the administration themselves but who may need help with particular aspects of the process.


Trust Advice and Management


Trusts can come in many shapes and forms – some will be created in a will and others may have been set up by a person during their lifetime.

Trusts can have many advantages including:


Tax planning

Asset protection

To make provision for younger generations or vulnerable family members

To protect compensation received in a personal injury award


We can advise on all aspects of setting up a trust and can also help trustees with the ongoing management.


Care Home Issues


As we get older most of us would prefer to stay in our own homes but for many people illness means that a care home is the only option.

We can help families understand what rights they have to choose the care home; who should be paying for the cost of this; Care Home Contracts and Third Party Top Up Fees.


Home Equity Release Plans


For a lot of people their main asset is the family home and for some a Home Equity Release Plan is a way to free up some cash by releasing equity from the home. We can advise on all aspects of the different types of schemes that are on the market.


Powers of Attorney


We can help you to safeguard your future and make provision for a time when you are no longer able to make or communicate decisions because of an illness or injury. We can help you decide if a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is right for you.


Court of Protection


We act for families who are faced with managing a relative’s affairs where no power of attorney has been made. This often involves an application to the Court of Protection to have someone appointed as a Deputy. The Deputy is appointed by the Court to look after a person’s affairs and/or make health/welfare decisions on his/her behalf. This can be a lengthy process but our experience in this field means we can provide support to families throughout the whole process.


For more information or to discuss your specific requirements please contact Louise Collett to obtain a fee quotation.



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